This refridge plant has a Waukesha F817GU driving a Mycom F8BM2 compressor. Capacity is 12mmscfd. Components are skids bolted to concrete floor. Shut down October 2012 due to the gas being re-routed to save costs.

Vertical 2 phase separator; 1050psi.

3 phase glycol/H.C. flash sep; 400psi.

BKU De-ethanizer 224; 508 x 3048mm, 400psi. SS/150psi.

TS 12/24-216 BKU Chiller 324; 610 x 4877mm,

200,000 BTU/Hr Reboiler w/tube Bundle E-430 (for compressor)

Vertical Propane Suction Scrubber; 508 x 1829mm